3 Day Organic Juice Cleanse by Good Stuff Juices - Summer Slim Kit - Detox Your Body, Lose Fat, and Feel Great - Cold-Pressed - Premium Taste - 18 Juices - 12oz

?【Tastes Great with No Added Water or Sugar】Good Stuff Juices uses the best fresh and organic ingredients for our juices so you're getting the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients. Our state of the art cold-press technology gets all the flavor, color, and micronutrients out of the fruits and vegetables so you're getting maximum absorption. ?【A Daily Juicing Habit You Can Stick To】 Our system makes it easy for you to keep up your juicing habit. Save time and energy with no more messes to clean up. We do all the work for you by finding the right ingredients for weight loss and detox and mixing them together in recipes that taste amazing. Simply open, drink and enjoy. ?【Slim Down Fast】 Not only does juice fasting detox the body by giving your digestive system a break but its also getting the kidneys to filter more lymphatic toxins and release stored fat. ?【More Energy】Digestion uses approximately 70% of your body's energy. Take away the standard American daily 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) plus snacks (chips, cookies, etc) , and now your body can use the extra 70% of energy to repair cells and remove wastes. Meaning more mental, and physical energy for you to get more done.
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Description We take care of everything... From preparing the food to choosing the right machine for each type of produce, the transport, the inspecting, the packing, and finally getting fresh juices delivered to your home. There’s nothing to clean, no mess, no time and energy spent in the kitchen at all.


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