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FRESH MUSCLES, YEAR AFTER YEAR. Lactic acid “burn,” cramping and soreness get worse with age. Adult athletes trust SportLegs to help prevent lactic acid and keep racing up Everest, winning world cycling championships and competing in the Olympics. (View their photos, plus video below.) SportLegs helps competitors legally perform like they’re in even better shape. It’s so healthy, there’s no reason not to. Imagine performing as effortlessly as you did a decade or more ago, half an hour from now. UPGRADE TO MUSCLES 2.0. Our muscles still fuel like back in the Stone Age. Muscles interpret exercise as attack, flooding with too much lactate fuel. Excess lactate degrades into lactic acid, wasting energy, sabotaging performance. Modern research proves blood lactate controls muscle lactate production. So SportLegs raises blood lactate before exercise to curb excess fueling. Your muscles make only what you actually need to escape lactic acid “burn” and preserve muscle fuel to go faster, longer. SAFE AND LEGAL. SportLegs uses premium natural-source European lactate balanced with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to accelerate absorption. As an athlete, you deserve the purest ingredients available, passing ultra-strict California Prop 65. Recognized safe by our FDA and legal for WADA, USADA, UCI and NCAA competition. Yet surprisingly effective: Since 2004, athletes have legally used SportLegs for Olympic competition. US cyclists have made SportLegs our sport’s #1 supplement since 2006. WORKS FAST. You don’t have to take SportLegs for weeks or months before you feel results, like other products. You’ll feel improved performance with less “burn” just half an hour after first taking it. CHEAP TO USE. Take SportLegs only before exercise. No need to take every day or weeks ahead for you to feel results. So a $28 bottle can last you a full season. MEDIA PRAISE. Bicycling magazine agrees SportLegs is “a clever way to raise your Lactate Threshold burn point and boost performance. It re
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Tamaño:120 Cuenta (Paquete de 1) Ve más rápido, más fuerte y más tiempo sin el dolor de los músculos ardientes. Este suplemento único utiliza el calcio, el magnesio y la vitamina D para aumentar el VO2 máximo, el umbral anaeróbico y el tiempo hasta el agotamiento. Tomado una hora antes del ejercicio, estas formas naturales precargan su torrente sanguíneo con lactato para elevar su umbral y aumentar el rendimiento, para que sus músculos funcionen al máximo. Se toma después de un ejercicio vigoroso para eliminar el dolor y acelerar la recuperación. Sano y legal para la competición internacional. Nota: La botella contiene 40 dosis. Del fabricante Sportlegs-Lactaid Acid Transfer Formula, 120ct

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